Digital Financial Services

Embrace digital transformation with convenient payment and financial inclusion solutions that span the full range of digital financial services. We provide digital financial development services to telecoms, banks and Fintechs with financial grade performance for transaction security, convenience and best-in-class operational reliability.

  • Deliver platinum-grade security and compliance to customers

    Provide your customers with a secure solution that is fully compliant with local regulations and includes industry-grade security standards for all implementations and deployments. Service providers can give their customers the utmost protection across the DFS/MFS services offered.

  • Build to scale

    Drive revenue growth while keeping costs to a minimum. Rapidly introduce new products and services with our robust technology developed by our engineers that delivers agility and flexibility to manage, modify and optimize operations as your business grows.

  • Pre-integrated end-to-end payment and commerce solution

    From back-end payment processing to a front-end digital wallet, we offer the solutions MFS and payment service providers need in order launch and scale business.

Enterprise Software Development (Web & Mobile)

IOSynch develops custom software solutions that solve specific business problems of our clients and meet the required functionality. Our software products are e-MarketPlaces, vertical industry solutions, software for mobile platforms and / or complex solutions involving any preceding combination. They are based on different development platforms (J2EE, Microsoft .NET, Python, PHP, Angular, Node.js, jQuery, Android, iOS, etc.). By continuous communication with clients, IOSynch recognizes their desires and needs, and thus we develop projects that bring competitive advantage on the market. In this way, the satisfaction is mutual, and we grow together with our clients.

Our development Financial is based on the agile approach with small, incremental deliveries, where the client is involved in all project phases. An integral part of the solution’s development is not only the programming, but also additional services that provide high-quality solutions, in terms of future upgrades and patches, training of the end-users, long-term maintenance.

Mobile App Development

The market of mobile applications is rapidly growing, and creation of mobile apps is a logical choice for companies that want to offer and to adapt their services for broader audience. With a wide range of software development services, IOSynch is also involved in the development of mobile applications for iOS, Android, (that are now leading in market share), and also games development. IOSynch engineers are able to Enterprise and quickly develop a mobile application whereby we apply the highest development standards. Together with the development of mobile applications, we also offer upgrade to your existing enterprise systems, so they can be used via mobile applications.

In the mobile and game development – we implement our best practices:

  • Extensible build tools:

    Our developers build the projects in the IDE, or on the integration servers. This will enable easy management of build configurations, across the entire workflow of the project.

  • Android/ iOS Tools / easier access to online services:

    Some of these services are Cloud based – which can be imported directly in the IDE, and ADT/ iOS translation plugin – which can help our developers to localize the apps.

Digital Product Strategy

We believe that everything starts with customer experience in this digital era. IOSynch enables clients to reach for and achieve their unique visions of digital transformation by adding value at the intersection of people, process, data & technology, encompassing solution focusing partnership, collaboration and co-creation.

IOSynchs’ Digital Transformation helps clients overcome today’s challenges and improve business results through emerging technologies. We help you create new market opportunities through disruptive, customer-centric experiences and data-driven decisions.

IOSynch transformation team delivers value along a spectrum of engagement types from Financial, Experience Enterprise, UI development, Engineering, with many continuing to an ongoing Managed Services relationship.

The business landscape is in a state of constant evolution. To keep up, your business needs to leverage digital at every possible touchpoint.

Unlike some vendors, when IOSynch says “digital transformation,” we mean “business model transformation.” We create value across your entire digital transformation journey. Our digital success stories, transformation case studies and proof-of-concepts speak for themselves. IOSynch delivers a competitive and digital framework for a scalable, sustainable business that is continuously optimized.

With IOSynch, businesses can expect an end-to-end digital transformation:

  • Extensive industry expertise and successful implementations

  • A complete digital transformation roadmap for business modernization

  • The development and implementation of digital technologies

  • A seamless digital process managed by us

  • Follow-up to ensure that you stay 100% connected

Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud computing model enables a widespread, customizable, ‘on demand’ access to a network of combined configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can quickly supply users with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This model brings benefits for the companies by: automatic access to computing on demand, broad access network, Resource pooling, multitenant model, rapid elasticity (fast and flexible access to resources) and measured service (automatic control and resource optimization that uses model pay-per-use).

IOSynch provides service and support for 4 types of application (private, public, cloud for the community and hybrid cloud) and three service models: Infrastructure-as-a-service (access to remote physical or virtual machine model service), Platform-as-a-service (typically including the operating system, which now includes the database and web servers for the purpose of developing software applications), Software-as-a-service (access to databases and software-applications). IOSynch provides expertise and support in the implementation of different cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google cloud etc.).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving (optimizing) a website so that it is more readily found online. SEO primarily focuses on improving a website’s rankings in search engines like Google and BING. The higher a website appears in the search engine rankings, the greater the likelihood that it will be visited. When a website received more traffic, there is a likelihood for more business.

  • Long story short, if your site is properly optimized, you'll get more visitors. And that means more potential customers and more income. That's a win.

  • iosynch SEO experts will take your business to the number spot. we have 10+ years of experience in SEO and we are willing to help.